Welcome to Yaki.

About Us

At Yaki we adhere to all the traditions of the authentic Japanese restaurant and add our own touch because we want to offer a unique experience to all our delicious dishes lovers.
Japanese restaurants are thriving, but there is no doubt that eating real sushi and Japanese curries as well as high-quality teppanyaki and teriyaki at the right price makes our restaurant a special destination that our guest would like to repeat and take pride in inviting friends to a delicious meal with authentic Japanese ambiance.

Our Services

Delicious Japanese fusion Dishes at affordable prices

 Visit us today at yaki, and you will see why our clients keep in choosing us to fulfill their Japanese cravings every time, our food is mouthwatering , our staff is amazing and our prices are out of this word ! 

Special Diet Menu's

At yaki we offer a selection of special diet items, so if you're Vegan, Vegetarian or keto, you will surly find dishes that suits you ! 


Weather your planning a special event in house or in your organization, our catering services will surely add flavor & class to your event !